Attention Florida Construction Contractors: New forms and new rules!

I attended the monthly CILB Board meeting last week in Tampa where it was announced that a major overhaul of the contractor application forms is now complete. New applications are now in place, along with new rules and financial requirements that will affect contractors moving a license, qualifying another company, or anyone applying for a new license. I’ve been following the developments for over two years, so if you’re planning a change to your license, call me first to discuss the latest requirements. 1 800.373.1833

Additionally, several bills were passed in the legislative session this spring that directly affects Florida’s Construction Industry. Below are links to the bill summaries:
SB 704
HB 887
HB 517

Florida Division of Regulation

The Division of Regulation is the enforcement authority for the professional boards and programs. It monitors those professions and related businesses to ensure that the laws, rules and standards set by the Legislature and professional boards are followed. This is accomplished by proactively monitoring the professionals and related businesses; investigating complaints of wrongdoing; utilizing compliance mechanisms such as notices of noncompliance and citations; and the performance of statutorily mandated inspections.

This is where BSI Contractor Services can help. We know the process and follow the changing laws on a daily basis. Call us today to ensure your new business is in full compliance.

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