License Application Processing

Work with our dedicated team to save time and money, and give your application the best chance for fast approval.

We specialize in Florida Construction & Electrical applications, out-of-state licensing, and local county licensing.

Full application service

Our personalized application processing service simplifies every step of what could otherwise be a very frustrating process.  We streamline the steps for fast turnaround, then professionally prepare and submit your application to the proper agency.  We continue to track the progress of your application and keep you informed along the way until the license is approved.

Consultations for do-it-yourself clients

For those clients that wish to handle their own application, we offer a Review Service designed to provide guidance to preparing the packet correctly to save time in the process. 

Deficiency corrections

Many clients contact us to help fix a deficient application they already submitted on their own.  Sometimes it’s a matter of simply rewording a few things, and sometimes it takes reworking the entire application.  Whatever the issue, we can help you finish the process.

14 Hour Financial Responsibility and Stability Online Course

Is your credit score less than 660? If so you will be required to carry a bond. By completing our State approved course you can cut your bond nearly in half.

See: 14 Hour Financial Responsibility and Stability Online Course